Wholesale Indian Hair

Though Brazilian hair has few advantages over Indian hair, still it is the best choice for some people because of its quality. The hair is light naturally and can be easily styled. It easily blends with most hair textures. The hair especially the virgin Remy type is usually dark in color and has varying thickness. The versatility is incredible, and it has full cuticle hold. A recent survey revealed that over 90 percent of the hair sold in stores claimed to be Remy product are reasonable low in quality compared to the real Remy virgin hair. They are hair materials with stiff quality imported from China. It is blended with synthetic or animal filler hair, which could be difficult to notice except you have a good knowledge of how to identify the original material. This implies you cannot trust every store to give you a quality Indian hair, but you can free yourself from falling victim of adulterated extension getting an original Indian hair from a verified wholesale store.