#1 Tape Hair Extensions 20 pcs per package 50g

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#1 TAPE HAIR EXTENSIONS 20 PCS PER PACKAGE 50G is very easy to apply and when applying it to parted areas of the head it can be instantly applied. This hair is simple and it gives all natural look  and they come in numerous colors such as #1,1B,2,4,6,8,10,12,22,24,27,30,32,33,35,60,613,6/27,8/24,27/613.

Please, kindly apply the following steps to apply #1 TAPE HAIR EXTENSIONS 20 PCS PER PACKAGE 50G:

  • Part the hair on scalp into the area in which application is needed
  • Make sure to warm to two sided tape (seventy to eighty centigrade is enough) well straightened before making use of it. This will make the hair last longer time.
  • Make sure to peel off the label on the tape and apply it to areas on the head where the hair is needed.
  • Pull a small area of your own hair over the little taped weft and make sure you repeat it, your own hair is sandwiched between the double tapes of hair apply directly
  • By using your own hand and make sure you press with the two sided tape against the hair that you sectioned off.

This hair has a quantity of fifty gram for a slight volume, hundred to one-hundred and fifty grams for normal volume, one-hundred and fifty to two-hundred gram for maximum volume. You can easily Style and Dye the hair. The tape lasts around three months and you can attach the hair strips again with new tape.

#1 TAPE HAIR EXTENSIONS 20 PCS PER PACKAGE 50G is collected from the head of donors so as to keep the hair's cuticles properly aligned in relations to other neighboring hairs. With this, the hair remains silkier, softer, and healthier look than the normal hair. By the time you wash the hair, it is not going to mat or tangle.